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Announcing wrdk

I’m happy to announce wrdk, a development kit for the WikiReader. wrdk is a pre-built toolchain, libraries, set of examples, and simple serial loader that makes developing applications for the Openmoko WikiReader a little bit easier. Included is fairly high level access to most of the hardware including the file system, LCD, buttons, and touch [...]

Pong on the WikiReader

I’ve been working on a simple development kit for the Openmoko WikiReader. I’d like to get a win32 build up and going before releasing it, but here’s a bit of a teaser until then: My son and I made this in a couple of hours. There’s a blitting glitch when the ball hits the right [...]

Bouncing a ball on the WikiReader

One of my standard ‘hello world’ applications is bouncing a ball around the screen. Here’s a video of the WikiReader version: The rig at the top is a 3.3 V serial level converter that hooks into the debug connector. The WikiReader boots a small serial loader from the SD card so that I can quickly [...]

Cracking the WikiReader open

Pictures of a cracked-open WikiReader are (suitably) on the wiki

First steps on the WikiReader

It’s a small achievement, but I got my first application running on the Openmoko WikiReader. It’s a hacked version of their application that only displays a image and single line of text but, still, it’s a start: I can think of a range of uses for the device so far: A scrollable map with details [...]

Openmoko WikiReader

The Openmoko Wikireader twitter stream had a link off to the github repository at Poking around showed some interesting things: The device is quite simple. No operating system, only the main application running directly on the hardware The CPU is a Epson S1C33E07 (pdf) which is part of the S1C33 family There’s a version [...]