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Michael Hope is Seabright Technology, a Christchurch based software developer focused on good software engineering.  Good software engineering means more than a good implementation – it means taking care of the other 80 % that makes a well understood, testable, and maintainable product. I’m the technical lead of the Linaro Toolchain Working Group, working on improving open source tools such as GCC, GDB, and QEMU for modern ARM systems.

Recent projects include:

  • The architecture and design of a distributed control system
  • Porting the GCC C compiler to a new processor architecture
  • A fast, elegant control system display

Some interesting skill areas include:

  • Systems engineering especially for long term platforms
  • Setting up satisfying procedures and methods to make development more predictable
  • Compilers and toolchain development
  • Using Linux for fast starting, long term supportable embedded displays
  • Distributed message based control systems
  • Using Python and other high level tools to tie together and speed up embedded development
  • Using C++ in embedded systems to make code easier to maintain, understand, and analyse

To contact Seabright, send an email to