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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Building the Ubuntu PandaBoard Kernel

So that I can find it next time I need it, here’s what you need to do to checkout and build the Ubuntu kernel for a PandaBoard: First up, clone it using git: git clone git:// You can see the current list of kernels on the getweb page. Branch the remote ti-omap4 branch and check [...]

Automatically trimming matplotlib images

matplotlib is a great mathematics and plotting package for Python. I’m using it to report on some benchmarking numbers but needed a way to automatically trim the extra whitespace before putting onto a web page. Here’s the ImageMagick command I ended up using: convert input.png -bordercolor white -border 1×1 -trim +repage -alpha off +dither -colors [...]

Efika pricing

Sorry for the commercial post, but Genesi have been a good friend to Linaro and Emdebian. If you’re looking for a small ARM-based machine, have a look at the Efika MX series from Genesi as they’ve just come down in price. The Smarttop is $129 US while the Smartbook is down to a much more [...]

Running the Fedora ARM beta on qemu-linaro

The Fedora ARM project have released beta 1 of Fedora 13 for ARM. Chris Tyler has instructions for trying it out under Fedora, so I thought I’d give it a quick go with Ubuntu and qemu-linaro. Here’s the steps: Download, build, and install qemu-linaro. I used the 2011.02-0 release. See Chris’s page for the Fedora [...]