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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

NEON Intrinsics Presentation

I did a short presentation on NEON intrinsics at the recent Linaro Connect in Cambridge. Click here to grab a PDF version. The original ODP version complete with animations and notes is in source control. Try: bzr branch lp:~michaelh1/+junk/intrinsics-demo The presentation is nice and technical and covers what NEON intrinsics are, what the types and [...]

Busy busy builders

I run a build farm for the toolchain group here at Linaro. The boards get a bit busy during release week: The ursas are bootstrapping and testing three different configurations of the candidate GCC. The leos are checking the A9 build by rebuilding 22 essential packages from Ubuntu. The oorts are x86 cloud instances doing [...]


hurry.filesize does exactly what it says on the box and just what I needed – convert a number in bytes to a human readable string like ’30.4 GB’. Nice.