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Posts from ‘June, 2012’

Kernel not booting with Linaro GCC?

Is your ARM Linux kernel not booting when building with Linaro GCC or FSF GCC 4.7? Does it halt shortly after showing ‘Uncompressing Linux’? You may have run into an interaction between older kernels and the new unaligned access support in GCC. This affects Linaro GCC from 4.6-2011.11 onwards, GCC from 4.7.0 on, and kernels [...]

Faster archiving of GCC by doing less

We squirrel away the results of each Linaro GCC auto build so that they can be used for later benchmarking, testing, or regression hunting. This was taking around 25 minutes on a PandaBoard which, even on a 16 hour build, is too long. The old method was: Install to $build/install Copy $build/install to gcc-linaro-$version-$buildid so [...]