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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

CDC ACM and the Nokia N800

The CDC ACM is a standard profile for USB to serial adapters such as the one built in to the u-blox range of GPSs. There’s quite a few pages on the Internet referrring to people having success building and using this on Maemo Diablo based device such as the Nokia N800 or N810 but I [...]

bzr and proxies

If you see this problem with bzr under Windows: $ python c:/Others/Python254/Scripts/bzr branch lp:gtimelog bzr: ERROR: Connection error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’ (11004, ‘getaddrinfo failed’) then check your proxy settings under the control panel. I normally use Firefox but had IE configured to use a certain customers proxy. Turning off the proxy cleared the error. [...]

Programming AVR microcontrollers using an ARM dongle

AVR microcontrollers have a built-in, SPI based programming mode that is ideally suited to bitbanging thorough a parallel port. Unfortunately machines with parallel ports are getting rarer so I got wondering if I could use a ARM JTAG dongle that I have lying about instead. The short answer is yes: Connect TCK (9) to SCK, [...]