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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

Working with other Linaro releases

chdist is a nice tool that makes working with different releases much easier. You can use it to poke into and download packages from different releases without setting up a chroot for each one. I use from my Maverick host to grab the source packages from Natty when trying to track down a bug. For [...]

Efika MX shoutout

I’d like to say thanks to the people at Genesi. I was a lucky recipient of one of the many EFIKA MX Smartbooks they gave away at the Linaro November LDS. It’s a nice little ARM-based smartbook with a 10″ screen, decent processing power, decent storage, and a quite good keyboard. My day-to-day machine is [...]

Tidying up ARM boards

My office was getting a bit messy so I re-purposed an old PC case and mounted my ARM boards, a switch, and far too many power supplies into it: It turns out that my Pandaboards and KwikByte Beagleboard clones fit well into a 5 1/4″ floppy drive adapter while keeping the Ethernet and power out [...]