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Tidying up ARM boards

My office was getting a bit messy so I re-purposed an old PC case and mounted my ARM boards, a switch, and far too many power supplies into it:

The case

It turns out that my Pandaboards and KwikByte Beagleboard clones fit well into a 5 1/4″ floppy drive adapter while keeping the Ethernet and power out the back and storage accessable out the front:

Pandaboard mounted in a floppy drive adapter

PandaBoard mounted in a floppy drive adapter

A 6x OMAP3 Gumstix Stagecoach board goes where the motherboard used to:

Side view showing the Stagecoach

with a switch down the bottom to keep the cables tidy.

2x PandaBoards, 2x BeagleBoards, a Stagecoach, and far too many twist ties gives 12 cores for a total of 9.76 GHz of processing… not as cool as David’s box, but I like it.

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