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Recording conference calls

Linaro is an open organisation, and as part of that I’ve been recording our meetings so that people can catch up with them later. Here’s what I use:

  • Skype, to call into the meeting
  • rec-applet, to record the audio from Skype off into an ogg file
  • Audacity, to trim, normalise, and noise reduce the file
  • WordPress, to host as a Podcast for easy downloading

Once you’ve installed rec-applet from the PPA, right click on the top panel, select Add to Panel..., then select Audio Recorder Applet. You can turn the volume on your machine all the way down but make sure you don’t mute it. Also ensure that you mute your microphone in Skype.

I’m not sure if rec-applet also records what you say. I normally use a plain old phone for calling in as the latency over Skype from NZ is too high.

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