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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Playing with the CircuitGear

I’ve been having a good play with my new CircuitGear CGR-101 PC based oscilloscope. The protocol is open so it’s simple enough to write your own application that uses the data in interesting ways. The first thing to try is a simple multimeter.  You can easily do 1024 samples ten times a second so there’s [...]

Trouble with Python and matplotlib on Windows XP

Ran into an interesting problem with ActivePython 2.5.4 and the great matplotlib/pylab math and plotting library.  I was seeing Python lock up hard enough that it had to be killed via the task manager when running a fairly simple script – no error messages or anything.  I traced it down to a ‘import pylab’ statement.  [...]

Todays idea

How about a voice activated oscilloscope? For those times when both hands are busy and you really need to hit the ‘single shot’ button. The system doesn’t have to accept many commands so it can be quite accurate with no training and a fair amount of background noise. Open source PC based oscilloscopes such as [...]