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Seabright is a firm believer in the Open Source philosophy and method.  Some significant past projects include:


The Small Device C Compiler.  Added a Zilog Z80 and Nintendo GBZ80 backend to the existing Intel mcs51 Small Device C Compiler (SDCC). Abstracted the backend by decoupling the mcs51 parts, which has now been successfully used to re-target to the Amtel AVR series, the DS390, the Microchip PIC series, and the i186. Added a comprehensive automated test suite and nightly integration and build systems.


The Gameboy Development Kit, a set of free development tools for the Nintendo Gameboy.

Some more experimental projects include:


A re-targetable Java compiler for the Z80 processor, including host and device side components and a full test suite


A Java based, single threaded non-blocking HTTP server, designed for high performance and graceful degradation. The goal of this project is to experiment with new technologies, engineering methods, and tools.


Adapted the cross platform IBM PC emulator pcemu to Linux/PPC. Extended to support the i186 instruction set


A remote graphical console system for the Gameboy


A Palm based front-end for a serial SiRF based GPS, providing simple absolute location and trip information.