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Working with other Linaro releases

chdist is a nice tool that makes working with different releases much easier. You can use it to poke into and download packages from different releases without setting up a chroot for each one. I use from my Maverick host to grab the source packages from Natty when trying to track down a bug.

For example, I’m looking into adding cortex-strings into the Natty libc6. Install chdist using:
apt-get install devscripts

Tell chdist about Natty:
chdist create natty

Update the list of packages:
chdist apt-get natty update

Check which version is currently uploaded:
chdist apt-cache natty show libc6

Grab the source:
chdist apt-get natty source libc6

The distributions and configuration files end up under ~/.chdist such as ~/.chdist/natty/etc/apt/.

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