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The lights are blinking

It’s the small things but I now have a blinking light on my ET-STM32 Stamp board. This was done using:

The nice thing is that it is a very low-tech solution. The Stamp gives a DIP pin out which is hooked into a breadboard. Programming is done using the built-in UART bootloader. No JTAG, SMD, or tiny pins.

The FTDI latency timer showed its head again. FTDI chips bulk up transmit and receive data to try and reduce the USB bus load. This is fine for streaming protocols but not for synchronous ones like the programmer. Leaving the latency timer at the default 16 ms took 39 s to erase, write, and verify 66128 bytes. Setting it to 1 brought this down to 23 s.

On Linux, try:
echo 1 > /sys/class/tty/ttyUSB0/device/latency_timer

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