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Building a ARM cross toolchain

Projects like Emdebian and Linaro provide good, pre-packaged ARM cross compilers but cross compilers for bare metal are still a bit of a mess.

The CodeSourcery ARM Lite Edition is a really good bet. There’s the ridiculous crosstool-NG. My favourite is summon-arm-toolchain which is a nice, readable shell script that handles the download and multi-stage build for you.

I’ve done a little bit of work on it at to tidy up the download process and support for the Linaro ARM toolchain.


  1. Matt says:


    I’m just starting out in search of the good instruction on setting up an ARM toolchain, and I am interested to know why you think crosstool-ng is “ridiculous”. Would you please elaborating?


  2. michaelh says:

    Hi Matt. It’s just in terms of size. crosstool-ng supports a huge range of configurations which means it’s big and (perhaps) complex to get into.

    It seems strange to have to install a build tool…

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