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pbuilder cheat sheet

I’m working on an equivalent to the Android toolchain build which is easier to develop against and uses the native libraries shipped with Ubuntu. Part of that involves updating a few packages and getting them into the cloud based build farm. Launchpad’s private package archive is a great way of getting these built for a range of architectures and then sharing them about, but I’d like to test the packing before firing them off. That’s where pbuilder comes in.

Create a Natty based pbuilder:

sudo pbuilder create \
--distribution natty \
--components "main universe" \
--mirror \
--http-proxy http://proxy:8123/

(Pull from NZ, use my local proxy)

Create the source package:

dpkg-buildpackage -S

Build inside pbuilder:

sudo pbuilder build binutils*ppa1.dsc

Push the build up to the ppa:

dput ppa:linaro-toolchain-dev/build-deps binutils*ppa1_source.changes

And wait for it to appear!.

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