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Using the cloud for large Launchpad uploads

We host Linaro GCC up on Launchpad. It’s a bit tricky uploading a ~70 MB tarball over a non-resuming web form from New Zealand so I use VNC, Chromium, and an EC2 instance with a nice fat pipe instead. Here’s how.

On EC2:

  • SSH in with a bonus tunnel for the VNC server using ssh -L 5902:localhost:5902 ec2-host-name
  • Ensure vnc4server and chromium-browser are installed
  • Run vncserver :2. This spawns the VNC server in the background
  • Launch Chromium using DISPLAY=:2 chromium-browser

From your laptop:

  • Ensure remmina is installed
  • Start remmina
  • Create a new VNC connection to the server :2

You should see a new window on your laptop with a full screen Chromium. There’s no window manager but we don’t need one in this case.

Remmina seems to have SSH tunnel support built in but I’m happy with my method.

To close down on EC2:

  • Close Chromium
  • Run vncserver -kill :2

One Comment

  1. Thomas says:

    Fun, but it really seems like an overkill way of fixing something that should be fixed at the root: a web form for uploading a 70 MB tarball is a completely inappropriate technical mean.

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