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Jobs available

A Christchurch based client is interested in hiring an embedded engineer and a C# desktop application engineer. Please contact me if you’re interested. Python or control system knowledge is a plus.

The Ben NanoNote and open hardware

Update: I got a nice email from Wolfgang at sharism about running Debian on the NanoNote. See here for more. It seems that OpenWRT is still the platform of choice but you can opt for Debian when trying out new ideas. Qi Hardware have an interesting new product called the Ben NanoNote. While the specifications [...]

Hello world for the STM32

The STM32 is a nice processor but a bit hard to get going.  I’ve written up a brief, low level LED blinker with the corresponding Makefile and startup scripts on the wiki.

CDC ACM and the Nokia N800

The CDC ACM is a standard profile for USB to serial adapters such as the one built in to the u-blox range of GPSs. There’s quite a few pages on the Internet referrring to people having success building and using this on Maemo Diablo based device such as the Nokia N800 or N810 but I [...]

bzr and proxies

If you see this problem with bzr under Windows: $ python c:/Others/Python254/Scripts/bzr branch lp:gtimelog bzr: ERROR: Connection error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’ (11004, ‘getaddrinfo failed’) then check your proxy settings under the control panel. I normally use Firefox but had IE configured to use a certain customers proxy. Turning off the proxy cleared the error. [...]

Programming AVR microcontrollers using an ARM dongle

AVR microcontrollers have a built-in, SPI based programming mode that is ideally suited to bitbanging thorough a parallel port. Unfortunately machines with parallel ports are getting rarer so I got wondering if I could use a ARM JTAG dongle that I have lying about instead. The short answer is yes: Connect TCK (9) to SCK, [...]

Openmoko WikiReader

The Openmoko Wikireader twitter stream had a link off to the github repository at Poking around showed some interesting things: The device is quite simple. No operating system, only the main application running directly on the hardware The CPU is a Epson S1C33E07 (pdf) which is part of the S1C33 family There’s a version [...]

Native compilation in a simulator

I’m quite impressed with how easy libjit is to use. I’ve been working on an instruction level simulator for a processor which will probably end up having two versions: a fast one for testing applications and an accurate one for testing the peripherals. The direct threaded version runs at a quite usable virtual 44 MHz [...]

The lights are blinking

It’s the small things but I now have a blinking light on my ET-STM32 Stamp board. This was done using: CodeSourcery 2009q1 GCC release The Python based stm32loader The blinking light demo from lanchon (includes startup code and linker scripts) The nice thing is that it is a very low-tech solution. The Stamp gives a [...]

Playing with the CircuitGear

I’ve been having a good play with my new CircuitGear CGR-101 PC based oscilloscope. The protocol is open so it’s simple enough to write your own application that uses the data in interesting ways. The first thing to try is a simple multimeter.  You can easily do 1024 samples ten times a second so there’s [...]